Use any device when accessing Coxito. Coxito is optimized for mobile devices and is therefore ideal for using when on the go. Did you only bring your smartphone with you and now need to find a contract with one of your customers? No problem, with Coxito you have all your company information available from one interface on your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

BYOD (Bring-your-own-device) has been a trend for some years now, employees use their existing smartphones, tablets and laptops when working. To avoid time-consuming configuration of devices, you can use Coxito -which gives employees access to company information from one interface with minimal setup time. If your employees know how to use Google, they will know how to use Coxito.

Coxito allows you to:

  • Use a tablet, smartphone or laptop to access your information
  • Find your information when you’re on the go with only your smartphone