When using multiple cloud applications, data is stored in multiple locations. Some solutions for information discovery require that you upload all your information to their service or migrate your data to a different system. Coxito is not like this, you do not have to move or copy any files or databases to start using Coxito. Coxito uses information from where it is already stored, and all that is required to get started is to create a connection to the cloud application where you have stored your data. And that’s it.

Most companies have information stored in multiple systems; a customer sent you an email with a scanned contract, and a colleague sent you an architecture draft. Unless these documents are manually stored somewhere, they are only found in your email account and not on the company file server together with the other scanned contracts and architecture drafts. Whoops. It happens to all of us, and we then spend a lot of time looking for these documents when they are needed.

Leave your files where they are, regardless of whether they are where they should be or not. With Coxito, you will find them again.

Coxito allows you to:

  • Avoid moving your information from where it is stored now
  • Find your information regardless of where it is stored