Image search allows you to search for text inside images and scanned documents. Have you ever tried to find a signed contract with a customer but have not found it with conventionl search tools because it was saved as an image? Finding such documents is now possible; and with Coxito, it does not matter whether the image file is an attachment to an email or just a regular file. All text which can be extracted from an image is made searchable, and as long as you remember some of the words present in the scanned document, you’ll locate it using Coxito.

Scanned documents are typically contracts with a signature or similar documents, which are important to keep track of. Now you can let Coxito keep track of such documents!

Images can contain a lot of information. A screenshot for instance may contain a lot of text, and this text is made searchable by Coxito.

Coxito extracts text from a variety of file formats, not just images. So with a tool like Coxito, it does not really matter if you saved a document as a PDF file or a Word document, you’ll be able to locate it regardless.

Coxito allows you to:

  • Find information stored in scanned documents and images
  • Find information in images which are attachments to emails or are embedded in PDF documents