Browsing large amounts of information is something we all do every day – by browsing the internet. We don’t think about it that way – that we are looking at parts of a vast library of information – but that’s actually what we’re doing. It is so easy to move around on the web, and we find anything there from social media updates from our friends to stock market updates and the news. The most used places we know how to find (most of us just type into the address bar to go to Facebook), but when we’re looking for a gift idea for grandma or a book review, we use Google. Using Google is easy and something we all know how to do. What we did before Google came around no-one remembers, it feels such a long time ago that we have trouble imagining how we could function at all without Google. It is even a verb now – to google for something. So the Google way of finding what we need is firmly entreched in how we navigate the internet.

Google, however, only provides information from public sources, plus some social networks. What about the information we use in our businesses, which helps us do our jobs better and make our professional careers shine? No, Google does not reach the information we have stored in our Dropbox account, in our CRM system or in Office365. This is what Coxito helps you with, providing you with a Google-like search service to help you browse your company-internal information.

Coxito allows you to:

  • Browse and access information across your cloud applications from one interface
  • Find your company-internal information just like you do on the web with Google