Cloud Applications

Coxito supports the following cloud applications:

Exchange Online / Office365


If you use other cloud applications, get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to work with you to add support for more cloud applications. All we need to know about the cloud application is the name, and we will need access to the information stored in this cloud application.

Access control

Coxito uses the access control system in the connected cloud applications when determining which information to present to an employee. If an employee has access to a document in the connected cloud application, he/she has access through Coxito as well. So the existing access control systems are used, no new access control settings are introduced.

Access control is performed near real-time, meaning a change in the access control settings for a document is taken into account within minutes.

Full-text search

All text is extracted from files and information types found in connected cloud applications. This text is made available for users through a  Google-like search interface; where any words from a document can be entered, and a list of search hits is presented for the users. This list of search hits can be filtered by the following properties:

This is the cloud application where a search hit originates from, like Dropbox or Exchange Online.
If you know approximately when the document you’re looking for was last changed, you can provide that information here to narrow down the search scope. Possible date values are: Last hour, Last 24 hours, Last week, Last month, Last year and a custom timeframe where you can freely specify the date range you want.
If you know that the document you’re looking for is an email or a contact card, then you can specify that here.
A list of persons related to the search result is presented, and the search results can be narrowed down by selecting one or more of these persons.
Documents and emails are often organized in folders. A list of the folders where the documents in the current search result is located is presented, and the search results can be narrowed down ny selecting one or more folders.
A conversation is an email string, and search results can be narrowed down to one or more conversations.

Data analysis

The information flowing through Coxito is analyzed, and the results of the analysis is presented in a dashboard in the Coxito user interface. If your email inbox is overflowing, and you have lost oversight, Coxito can present email analytics for you which gives an overview of the state of your email communication. Overviews of which unanswered emails you have in your inbox can be provided, and also which emails you have sent out to others but which you have not received a reply. An action is normally required if your emails are not answered, like an email reminder or a phone call. With Coxito, you get overview of this and more.

Support systems like Zendesk provide a wealth of information about customer behaviour which can be analyzed and presented as pretty graphs. For instance, which of your customers sends in the most support tickets? How long  does it take for your support department to solve support requests? This and more is answered by Coxito.

Authentication systems

Users need to authenticate themselves to Coxito before being allowed to access any information. The following authentication systems are supported:

  •  Microsoft (used in Windows 8 among other places)
  •  Facebook
  •  Google account
  •  Yahoo
  •  LinkedIn