Coxito is a tool for finding and analyzing information. Think of it as Google for your company-internal information, and having your own data analyst dig through your data to find patterns and trends.

The amount of information which is being stored in company-internal applications like CRM systems, support systems, in email accounts and file storage systems is vast and growing rapidly. Finding what you need and identifying trends and patterns in this information is really hard when done manually, but a lot easier when you can use a tool to do the hard work for you. And that is the vision behind Coxito – to make a tool which does the hard work and makes information more accessible for you through search and data analysis.

Coxito acts like a layer on top of other applications, focusing on the information instead of the location of it. It works by connecting to other applications, and extracts the information stored there. This information is made available through a Google-like search, and Coxito performs an analysis of the information as well. 

When setting up a new Coxito account, all you have to do is perform a one-time configuration of which cloud applications you want Coxito to connect to. After that, Coxito keeps itself updated, and you can focus on utilizing the power of Coxito.

No. Keep your data where it is, there is no need to upload any data to us or move your data from where it is today.

A cloud application is an application delivered to users as a service, and normally accessed through a web browser. It is also often named Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Cloud applications run on machines in data centers, and not locally on your machine. All leading enterprise software companies have adopted this delivery model.

Examples of cloud applications are services as diverse as Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, SugarCRM and Exchange Online. 

Nothing, Coxito automatically makes new and changed files searchable for you. It normally takes from 3 to 10 minutes from when a file was added until it is searchable in Coxito.

Yes, and for a number of reasons. 

When accessing your cloud applications, Coxito uses HTTPS/SSL so all information transferred is encrypted. HTTPS/SSL is also used on the Coxito application where you perform searches and investigate the data analytic reports.

Your information is also secure from government agencies likethe  NSA. Since Coxito AS is a Norwegian company, we operate under Norwegian privacy laws, which are significantly better for users than American laws like the Patriot Act. So the NSA or anyone else cannot come to Coxito and demand insight into your data.

Yes, we do. All file content from file types like Office files, PDFs, text and HTML files, and image file formats like JPG/JPEG, GIF, TIF/TIFF, PNG and BMP is extracted and made searchable.

No, no credit card is required to sign up for a 14-day trial of Coxito.

No, the tool is easy to use. If you can search with Google, you can search with Coxito. The data analysis provides at-a-glance overviews and graphs which are intuitive to use as well. 

Additionally, there is extensive help available when using the application. Click on the Help tab, and the information shown in the screenshot below comes up.


No, no local installation is required. Everything is web-based, so all you need is a web browser. 

Use of the newest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer is required.

Yes, you can either email or go to to get in touch with Coxito Support. 

Remember to check the Help tab in the web application as well; this provides useful information for how to use Coxito.


English and Norwegian are supported languages. This means that if your documents and emails are in English and/or Norwegian, Coxito is able to help you find information. When you create a Coxito account, you select which language is your main language, and by default your queries will be processed in this language. Coxito does perform a language detection of query texts, so if you chose English as the default language and then type Norwegian words in a search, Coxito detects this and performs the search in Norwegian.

Why Norwegian? Coxito is a Norwegian company, and that’s why we added support for the Norwegian language.

Yes, you can sign up for a 14-day trial period.

To try the application, go to and create an account.

Also, check out our video. It shows how Coxito can help you find and use your information.

Yes, and cancellations are in effect from the first turn of the month after a cancellation notice has been received.