Operating a Small Business with Cloud Computing is like driving a Sports Car.

[date-stamp]I like to compare the thrill of owning a small or medium market business to that of owning a luxury sports car. You get such a rush from settling into your leather bucket seat, stepping on the accelerator and feeling the rush of G force against your body as you take off down the road.

For enhanced control and safety you can trick out your sports car with controls and indicators that enhance your driving experience as well as your vehicle’s performance. Let’s face it who wants a sports car with a basic user package? Similarly, owning a small or medium market company is more fun tricked out with cloud computing.

The performance of you company is as important as the performance of your sports car for the same reasons. When you are traveling at a high rate of speed on a curvy highway you must be able to anticipate dangerous situations and make adjustments on the fly. The steering, brakes, torsion bars, speedometer, tachometer, etc. must all be working together and readable.

Carefully pick the applications that are most important to operating your business first; like e-mail, file storage, customer service management and financial management. Make sure the applications are scalable, you can add bells and whistles later.

Taking the risk of running a business without business controls and indicators is like jumping on a superhighway in a sports car without instrumentation.