The Importance of a Cloud Strategy for Small Businesses

[date-stamp]The digital age has ushered in the customer centric era which means that if a business is to have a reasonable chance of success that business must understand and anticipate the needs of its customers. Your company collects data with every customer interaction; some of it structured (sales receipts, purchase history, CRM data, etc.) and often times customer data is unstructured (email correspondence, word documents, audio files, etc.). If you are like 75% of the small businesses operating today you store this data in various cloud silos; most likely a storage cloud, an e-mail client cloud and a CRM/CSM cloud. Such an arrangement can become very hard to manage and therefore it is likely you are not making the best use of your customer data.

When contemplating acquiring cloud applications to assist you in making good business decisions, take time to consider the time and efficiency of accessing and analyzing both structured and unstructured data stored in those applications.