How are you really doing?


Big Data

If your company is like most, you are likely to have a ton of data that is difficult to wade through.  When the amount of data becomes so large that the company is unable to go through it manually to make sense of it, you need to find a tool to help you.  This is where Coxito comes in…


Sales performance is important for all companies to understand.  Coxito can give you real-time sales performance information to reveal how you are actually selling your products and services.  This instant information will lead to better business decisions.  How can Coxito do this?  Coxito can, for example, reveal if there are any patterns in the sales processes that lead to a successful sale.   Coxito can show what you are doing when you succeed and compare it to when you don't succeed.  This level of insight into your data is valuable and profitable.

The Big Picture

Coxito offers a birds-eye view on your sales’ outlook.  This will enable your company to plan how things are likely to evolve in the coming months.  This forecasting will help you prepare for challenges ahead or take advantage of opportunities that would have been otherwise missed because the clues to the future were lost in the data.


Coxito is able to show how you are communicating with your existing customers. Why is this important?  Ever been in a situation where problems arose from bad communication?  To stay competitive, communication problems must be avoided.  By showing the latest communication with existing customers, Coxito can show you which clients need what, when…at a glance.

Don’t forget support!  Support requests are also customer communication.  Coxito can give you insight into how things are going on there. For example, Coxito can give information concerning current and historic data on: the number of open, in progress, pending and closed support requests.

The bottom line is: Coxito provides the tools you need to make the right business decisions.