Everything can be found, right now


Tons of Data

There's a lot of business information in every company, and the volume is increasing every day.  This data is usually spread out over several different cloud-based applications, and it is very difficult to get a handle on what’s actually out there; never mind utilizing in any way.  Everyone has that moment when they think, “I know I have that document, but who knows where it is.”  This can be very frustrating as you log in and search through many different applications, many of which do not have a search function.

How much time do you think you spend doing this on average?  What else could you be doing with this time that is essentially wasted?  Looking through data to find the one document you need wastes time and money, but what really wastes money is not utilizing your mine of data.

Making the Right Decisions

With all this data that is difficult to wade through, it is nearly impossible to use it for the resource that it is.  With the right tool to help you find the documents you need across different cloud-based applications, you will be in a better position to make knowledgeable business decisions.  Coxito not only helps you find the documents you need, but it can also analyze your data so that you can better understand your data.

Sound business decisions are based on knowledge and experience.  Coxito facilitates knowledge management by providing the tools you need to make sense of your data.

You Need Your Data…why else do you have it?

The only reason you save information is because it is either important or you think it might be useful later.  With the vast amount of information that is gained every day in any given business, important and useful documents are saved but are very often never made use of.  Coxito can tell you what you have and why it’s important.

Reaching for the Clouds

The current trend in business today is to store information in the cloud rather than in the server room.  The old way consisted of having a locally installed CRM system, a locally installed email server, a local file server and a big IT department.  It is much more efficient, personnel-wise and monetarily, to utilize cloud-based services.  More and more businesses are using cloud-based CRM systems, cloud-based email, cloud-based file storage and so on.  With all this information spread out among all these cloud-based services, businesses need a tool that can help them find their data.  What makes Coxito unique is its connectors that search for documents and analyze data located in many different cloud-based services.