Dropbox Gets Our Vote

[date-stamp]Dropbox gets our vote for easiest to use and most flexible cloud based storage service. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are rapidly adopting cloud based storage services (the public/private market for which is expected to reach $46.8 billion by 2018) to reduce cost and IT complexity thereby pushing the market growth. The small and medium business segments are the major adopter of cloud storage services and this trend is expected to continue for next few years.

The first to make cloud storage sexy and easy for personal use was Dropbox. They do online storage very well. It’s simple and fast. It’s a great way to keep files and folders up to date between PCs at work and home, tablets and smartphones. And saving photos, videos, music, etc. is a snap.

A US survey by Forrester Research in 2012 found that 14 per cent of online adults had used storage services, with Dropbox the most popular, claiming more than a quarter of the market, followed closely by Apple’s iCloud.

Dropbox which already serves 4 million businesses and 97 percent of the Fortune 500 announced recently a revamped Dropbox for Business account which makes accessing -- and separating -- your business and personal content a quicker, simpler process.

We find Dropbox valuable as a contributor to team collaboration, version control, document backup and auto-save for screenshots, photos and video. Our favorite features are: 1. Ability to share files that are too large for email 2. Eliminates need to attach files to emails by utilizing Share link 3. Their innate version control helps to eliminate file update confusion 4. All files are combined from multiple devices into one Dropbox account which is available from any one of the devices as well as the Dropbox website. 5. File recovery feature protects against inadvertent deletion of documents.

Dropbox eliminates many of the annoyances of doing business online. A computer crash is as simple as fifteen minutes of restoring files to another computer from a Dropbox account. A project begun on the office computer can be completed at home without having to e-mail files. Bandwidth limits can be manually set with Dropbox so connection can be maintained without depleting it from others. And the security available for Dropbox is similar to that of a bank.