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[date-stamp] Coxito just launched its second app for Zendesk users: Coxito Search. One month ago we launched our first Zendesk app, and together the two apps give you considerable help when solving customer requests in Zendesk. The Coxito Search app provides full-text search in all Zendesk tickets and forums plus in external sources like Office365 mailboxes, Dropbox, Evernote and And this is available from within the Zendesk user interface, giving you easy access to information you need to answer customer requests. Zendesk announced our new app in this blog post: 7 wonders of the app world, and it is available in the Zendesk App Marketplace.

What is Zendesk

Zendesk is an application for handling all communication with customers, where incoming requests from your customers are answered by your staff. These requests can be questions, comments, suggestions for improvements, error reports, and so on. Zendesk handles input from many different channels, e.g. emails, social media and phone calls. It can act as a single communication point with customers. Incoming customer requests are assigned to a member of staff (either automatically or manually), and this employee is then responsible for communicating with the customer until the request has been solved. In order to solve a request, it is normally necessary to know about the customer’s environment and which of your product(s) he or she is using. Knowing about previous tickets from the same customer is also very useful. And this is where our two apps for Zendesk comes in.

The 'Coxito Search' app

Coxito Search app in Zendesk
Coxito Search app in Zendesk

The Coxito Search app provides access to information which is stored both in Zendesk and in other applications. So from one app in Zendesk you can for instance get access to emails and files which are relevant for answering customer requests. Say you receive a new request from a customer which your colleague has recently handled, but your colleague is not available today. Through the Coxito Search app you find the documents which describe the customer’s product configuration, and you are successfully able to answer customer’s question. Good tools for information access are vital in environments with massive amounts of information in order to be able to make use of it all.

The Coxito Search icon is always available
The Coxito Search icon is always available

The Coxito Search app installs a convenient icon in the navigation bar to the left in your Zendesk instance. This icon is always available wherever you are in Zendesk.

With the Coxito Search app, you can search in information from these applications:

  • Zendesk
  • Office 365 email - This is also known as Exchange Online, and is a powerful email system used by many businesses
  • Dropbox - Cloud file storage
  • - Work collaboration tool for businesses
  • Evernote - Suite of software and services designed for notetaking and archiving

This means that if you have your customer project documentation in, you can search in this from Zendesk using our new app. Or if you took notes in Evernote last time you talked with this customer, these notes are now accessible through Coxito Search. Same thing if you have taken a picture with your smartphone and stored the picture in Evernote; this image is now searchable as well. Coxito recognizes text in pictures, so if your picture is of a document or a whiteboard, the text visible in the picture is searchable. Pretty cool!

How it works

The app must be installed in your Zendesk interface. This can be done by going to Admin -> Apps Marketplace in Zendesk. Then you can either scroll down the list of apps until you get to the “Coxito Search” app, or you can search for “Coxito” in the search bar up to the right. Click on the app icon, and then on the “Install app” button. Now an installation screen appears, please enter your Coxito web address, username and password.  Click the Install button, and you’re done. So installing the app is very easy and can be done in seconds. When installed, the app is always visible in the left-hand navigation bar.

[cta headline="Try the Coxito Search app now - start a 14-day trial" buttontext="Start trial" buttonlink="" ] Coxito offers a free 14-day trial period where you can check out our Search and Recent Activity apps for Zendesk [/cta]

About Coxito

Coxito is an information discovery and analysis application delivering easy and powerful information discovery functionality for your cloud data. Our mission is to bring the ease-of-use and simplicity of web search to enterprise search and information discovery. By creating this app we are continuing on our path to make available information more accessible, and we believe our two Zendesk apps are excellent examples of what can be done to ease everyday tasks with the correct information at the correct place. When answering questions and other requests from customers, there is no better place to access information about customers than in the tool you use to answer your customers: Zendesk.

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