Coxito adds support for Evernote


[date-stamp] We here at Coxito are continuously working on improving our product, and adding support for more systems is an important part of this. We are proud to announce a new integration with Evernote, all notes and files in Evernote can now be searched through Coxito.

Why Evernote?

Evernote is widely used as a note-taking application, everything from an idea you had this morning to minutes detailing a meeting you attended. Evernote is available on all major mobile devices as well as on web, so it is a very accessible application. Personally, I use Evernote extensively to take quick notes when I come to think of something. In addition to text, images and pictures can easily be added to a note in Evernote. Using the camera on your smartphone, you can take a picture of the whiteboard you and your team have scribbled all over, making it easy to take care of the output of your hard work. Or you can attach a PDF to a note as a way of backing up your work.

In short, Evernote is your personal information assistant, always ready to remember any piece of information you throw at it.

Why Coxito and Evernote?

With Coxito, you search across multiple systems like Exchange emails, files in Dropbox and now notes in Evernote from one single location. Many systems have excellent search functionality, but it only (of course) searches in the information in this one system. With Coxito you avoid this problem, and you can access all information across systems from one place. And this is where Evernote fits in nicely, as many users have turned their Evernote account into a vast information storage. At the same time, Evernote is rarely the only place you have useful information stored, most of us have a lot in emails as well. Especially at work, information has a tendency to be scattered across multiple systems, and it quickly becomes tedious to go to each application to use their search function in order to locate what you're looking for.

Using the power of the Coxito platform, information from Evernote is now processed in order to make it as accessible as possible. Images are run through a text recognition process (OCR) in order to make text in images and pictures searchable. Attachments like Word- and PDF -files are all searchable; so if all you know is part of the text in an attachment, you can now easily find it.

Evernote search result
Evernote search result

Connections to Evernote accounts are created from the Coxito web application, and OAuth is being used for authentication. This means that all that needs to be done is to approve Coxito as an application in your Evernote account, and that's it. OAuth is the de-facto standard for external applications to access other web applications, and Coxito adheres to this well-proven and user-friendly way of authenticating applications.

Evernote already has a search function, but unless you have an Evernote Premium subscription this function is severely limited. No content in attachments can be found using the Evernote search function, which only makes it useful for text-only notes. Using Coxito, you can even search in text from images for a price that is a lot lower than an Evernote Premium subscription.

Coxito offers a trial of our product, where you can take our new support for Evernote out for a test drive.  [cta headline="Try our new integration with Evernote" buttontext="Try now" buttonlink="" ] Coxito now supports Evernote in addition to Dropbox, Exchange and more [/cta]

If you would like us to support a system you use and would see integrated into Coxito, please let us know.

About Coxito

Coxito is an information discovery and analysis application, delivering easy and powerful information discovery functionality for your cloud data. We support a set of cloud applications, with Evernote being the latest system we support. Our vision is to be the one place people go to when searching for information in cloud applications, or wanting to perform analytics tasks on cloud data. For more information, see