Cloud Management

[date-stamp]Recently we cited research that showed how smartphone and tablets are exceeding desktops and laptops for business usage. Add to the equation the need for employees to access company files from any of these devices because of the mobile nature of conducting commerce in this era and you can understand why companies are moving toward cloud based computer applications that replace the old premise based platforms. Enter the era of Cloud Management.

With the employment of more and more cloud applications companies are especially challenged in this multi-device cloud based environment to manage diverse applications ensuring security, efficiency and search capabilities, cloud management becomes ever more important. For the employees of these businesses there are additional cloud management challenges, as well. More than likely, the devices they are using will have multiple email clients, storage folders, etc., for both personal and business use. Check out RightScale for cost and usage analysis, Boxcryptor for encryption of storage sites, and CloudMagic for searching multiple email applications.

We are strong advocates of using cloud software to improve business intelligence, decision making and customer experience, among other issues and are very much excited about the growth of cloud management tools that make clouds more accessible to small and medium market companies who have understaffed IT departments, if any at all.

We suggest that when selecting clouds, consider how the information they collect is to be accessed, analyzed and acted upon. The more convenient to use the more use they will be. Make sure you have the cloud management tools you need for your enterprise to benefit.