Cloud-based Data Infrastructure Improves Customer Experience

[date-stamp]Having a solid cloud based data infrastructure is not just helpful to co-workers and managers who need access to company information to do their jobs but, it is helpful to customers, as well.  A well designed cloud-based infrastructure improves customer experience.

In this customer-centric world there are many points of contact customers use in dealing with companies; in-store, online, customer service desk, chat, e-mail, etc.  They do not expect they will have to repeat themselves at every point of contact.  Just think how utterly exasperating it is for a customer to have to explain themselves and the reason for their call again and again, each time they contact someone who represents your company.  A well thought out cloud infrastructure in which all customer facing employees  have access will empower them to take action and mover the process along, not delay it.

Imagine a customer who purchased something from your store in Metropolis, lost the receipt by the time they got home to Ruralville and discovered the part is not the right fit for the repair of the perpetual motion machine which no longer has any motion.  As it happens this customer, Dudley Doitright, bought many parts over the last ten years from your company in his quest to build the perpetual motion machine, the plans for which were contained in a catalog your company published and distributed to retail hardware stores and hobby shops some twelve or fifteen years ago.  Not only does the part not fit but, since he expected the machine to operate perpetually he used the plans to start his last campfire of the summer.  However, because your company had a solid cloud strategy that your agent in the call center can not only find Dudley 's sales transaction from the Metropolis store, he can find Dudley's purchase history, e-mails trails between Dudley and various service techs while building the machine and a copy of the plans for the perpetual motion machine in the company Dropbox archives which he sends to Dudley and places an order for the correct part.

Now that is an excellent cloud-based customer experience.