Build One to one Relationships: The Importance of E-mail Drip Campaigns

[date-stamp]One to one relationships are the most valuable customer relationships for B2B and B2C companies. Relationships have been the foundation of best business practices for generations simply because people do business with those they know and trust; people who share traits with them whether those traits are clothing style, points of view, professional interests, sports, lifestyle, etc. That is why marketers invest so much time on brand-building, brand messaging and the like. In this digital age even the smallest enterprise has the ability to reach out to prospects and customers on a one to one basis using e-mail and social media. The secret of establishing and growing one to one relationships is the ability to offer content that is interesting and compelling to the recipient, This is not an exercise in sale closing tactics, it is an exercise in helping the recipient achieve their personal and business goals. During the coarse of the day I read dozens of newsletters, emails, blog posts, etc. that contain information that would be valuable to others, prospect as well as customers. I save these in my Dropbox to be shared via direct e-mail with the specific individual who would find the item interesting. By doing this I am establishing my e-mails as a welcome addition to that person's day which more often than not means they get read and our relationship grows. This is the essence of an e-mal drip campaign, this is nurturing and 66% of the prospects and customers who are engage by this tactic will do business with you within a year's time.If I shared them right away, The trick to managing a successful e-mail drip campaign is to have the tools that enable you to file and retrieve information across multiple platforms; storage, e-mail and customer service, at least.

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