Cloud Browser

Navigate your information in the cloud the same way you navigate information on the web - using a browser

Connect your clouds

Chances are you're using multiple cloud applications - we build connections between them

Image search

Search for text in images. Make file formats irrelevant with content-based search

Analyze your information

Analyze the information in your cloud applications and gain near real-time insight

How Coxito can help you

Watch a video which shows how Coxito can help you in your everyday tasks.

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How Coxito can help you

Sign up now, and start connecting your business applications

One login to all your cloud apps

Access information in multiple cloud applications from one place - only one place to log in

Leave data where it is

No need to move your files or migrate to a new system - Coxito acts as a layer on top of your cloud applications, making location irrelevant

REST API for easy customization

Coxito has an easy-to-use REST API for easy customization and integration into your existing systems

Use any device

Smartphones, tablets and laptops - use any device to access your information through Coxito